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Spreader Beams

A selection of modular spreader beams.


Beams and Shackles.jpg
Chain Blocks

A selection of chain blocks.


1,000 kg Kerb Vacuum Lifter

Petrol Engined Vacuum Lifting Machine for Lifting Stone Slabs

- SWL 1,000 Kg

al vac imager.jpg
Telehandler Riser with Slewring

Irelands only Telehandler 'Riser' with slewring

- SWL 4,000 Kg


Vertical Stone Clamp

- SWL 400 Kg

- 5 - 55mm in width


Stone Clamp
110v Winch

- SWL 250 Kg

- 25m Wire Rope

- Remote Control 


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